C4 Helmet Sale!

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While supplies last, enjoy up to $450 OFF your next C4 Helmet, only at MOD. 

Regularly retailing for $749 - $849 now $349 - $399!

The Schuberth C4 Helmet is the premium for DOT Certified Modular Helmets.

Features of the C4 Include:

-Aerodynamically Tuned Shell to Mitigate Fatigue

-Integrated one touch sun visor

-ShinyTex interior

-Complex Multichannel Ventilation System

-Integrated Antenna

-Pre-installed Speaker and Microphone

-Plug & Play Prepared for the New SC1 Communication System

-Extra large anti fog lens insert: Wide field of vision in any riding position

The Outer Shell:

-DFP Glass Fiber Heat-formed shell

-Glass Fiber with a Special Resin is Compressed in a Vacuum at High Pressure to Form a Helmet Shell Which is Exceptionally Sturdy

-Perfected Aerodynamics for High Speed Stability

-Directionally Stable

-No Oscillatory Tendency

-No Buffeting

-Spoiler Integrated into the Helmet Shell / Neckroll

The Face Shield:

-Extra Large Anti-Fog Lens for the Widest Possible Field of Vision, both Centrally and Peripherally Through the Oversized Eyeport

-Extra Wide Viewport

Anti-Fog Lens-Ready Face Shield

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